Wall Art Inspiration

I don’t have too many pictures or art hung up in my house. I feel like it’s going to take me a bit to dive into the art world because the few pieces I have seen are out of my budget right now… Michael Adamson or I just haven’t decided which direction I want to head in. For now I have many pictures up as I do love photography. I have been lucky to travel to a few special places that have given me some great shots to put up.

While looking through House & Home I saw a picture of a gallery in a dining room of 9 frames with the same picture but at different angles, so this gave me an idea of what to hang on one of my walls. I tried taking pictures of silos on my way up to cottages but it just didn’t seem to be what I was looking for. So when I traveled to New York City a few years ago it was my goal to find a picture that I could use. I took a boat tour with NY Waterway and took a picture of a sugar factory that I noticed when we were going along the east side of Manhattan because there was something about the factory that appealed to me.

Sugar Factory
and had it printed 6 times to make this gallery which is in my dining room! I bought the frames from Blacks . It was really easy and I love looking at this sugar factory which reminds me of my favourite US city!

In my living room I have 3 pictures that I took in Australia. They are developed in Sepia and I used Ribba Frames from Ikea

Another idea I got from House & Home Magazine was to try out painting. I found a picture in the magazine (wish I had saved the picture to show you!), went to Curry’s Art Store to buy a canvas and some paint and just went for it. If you could see the picture I copied, it was surprisingly similar but I guess you can’t go wrong painting this! I know it may not be the painting of my dreams but I enjoy looking at it in our bedroom hall and it adds some colour to our home!


2 Responses to “Wall Art Inspiration”

  1. Ev

    Love the photography inspired art! I’ve always wanted to do that myself. Likewise the painting is very inspirational and love the bright reds in it, however it looks very time consuming… how long did it take you to paint this?

    • Sweet Maple

      Thanks Ev! It took a couple days. I spent just over an hour each day so it doesn’t take too long but it was a fun project!


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