Our Spring Project: Building a Fence!

When we moved into our home 3 years ago there were many projects I put on my list, one of the top projects was a fence. I grew up in the city so I could always see my neighbours however we had a wooden fence to add some privacy. So when I saw that our backyard had 3 chain-link fences I wasn’t impressed. The fence that was between us and our neighbour directly behind us was hardly a fence – the width of our backyard is 75 feet wide and there were about 5 metal posts holding it up! Crazy!

Don’t mind the random lounger in the middle! Here are some other pictures to show you the other sides of our backyard…

We started discussing with our neighbours last summer about splitting the cost of a fence and it didn’t go well… only 1 agreed to split the cost!! Oh, the joys of having neighbours. Since we were going to be putting out most of the money we had to wait till the following summer to save up. I’m happy to say that we are finally going to be building our fence over the next couple of weeks. I am so excited that this is finally happening, I feel like it’s Christmas only it’s better because our fence will be permanent!
We have been watching out for lumber sales and nothing was happening so when we saw that Rona was having a do not pay the tax event last weekend we decided to go for it. Apparently Rona was a better choice because they offer ‘Select’ pressure treated lumber. We spent $4000 for material and are going to spend another $1000 to have a posthole digging company come out – this is where they drill a hole and put the post in concrete. You need to dig 4 feet down which is hard to do on your own especially when you have 35 to do!

Matt started ripping the left side fence down this past weekend and I had to move all of this wood to the backyard because the guys are coming this week for the posts and they need to get their auger into our backyard

It was tough but it was worth it, one more step towards getting that fence!


4 Responses to “Our Spring Project: Building a Fence!”

  1. Jenny

    Awesome! I definitely appreciate a good fence (haha)…seriously though! I’m sure it will look great once it’s all put up… and think of all the barbeques/relaxing you can have in peace!

  2. Iris

    Something you may want to look into….Hamilton has recently administered a new by law.If a neighbour wants a fence both parties have to share the cost. I know as we experienced this with our neighbour. Does Burlington by any chance has the same by law?

    • Sweet Maple

      I did look into it but unless the fence was broken or it wasn’t up to standards, I couldn’t force the neighbours to pay for it. Actually the back fence wouldn’t be up to code but the man behind us passed away recently so we decided to leave it. Thanks though!


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