1 month until I turn 30!

November 17th marks 1 month left until I turn 30!! How do I feel about this? not sure. Most of my friends are in their 30’s so I think this helps soften the blow a bit:) I know the time has to come, you can’t stay in your 20’s forever but I really did love my 20’s! I did not take them for granted and tried to appreciate each year. I wish I could have a couple years left in it but I am looking forward to the next 10 years. I know that I will try to make the most of each year month. Something that I have learned in the last couple of years is that life isn’t as perfect as it seems when you are younger. My life is not perfect but I’m REALLY happy right now and satisfied with where my life is at this point! I want to continue to surround myself with the people that make me happy and I hope I make them happy too – Relationships matter! I think my 30’s will bring change but as long as I embrace it and not fight it I will be good!

I wish I had made a list when I turned 20 of what I wanted to accomplish by 30, unfortunately I didn’t. So here is my list, I will need to add on as the years go by but it’s a start!
1.Finish my degree

2. Go to Australia

3. Learn how to surf

4. Scuba dive at the great barrier reef

5. Find a job that challenges me and that makes me look forward going to work

6. Buy a house

7. Make my parents proud

8. Meet Sarah Jessica Parker

8. Visit NYC

9. Go to Vegas with my best friends

10. Marry my best friend

11. Go to Hawaii

12. Visit the Maritimes (including my family in New Brunswick) on a road trip with my family

13. Own a car that I love(back when I was just starting to drive my goal was to get a car with a sunroof haha)

14. Finish a half-marathon

15. Start a blog about my passion, design!

16. Go to Paris

17. Enter into my 30’s with a group of friends that I love

18. Have a child

19. Continue to go to the Toronto Film Festival each year

20. Travel 2 times a year

21. Go on a safari in Africa

22. Volunteer once a year

23. Buy a cottage

….. I will have to work on the rest!

6 Responses to “1 month until I turn 30!”

  1. Michelle

    Count me in for the safari trip in Africa! I hope you don’t phase me out in your 30s ha ha!

  2. Sandra

    Great post! I’m glad I got to share some of the experiences from the list with you 🙂 Also, count me in for the safari trip in Africa!


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