Dining Room facelift

Last winter I wanted to update our dining room. I knew that renovations were coming up so I didn’t want to spend too much money, just something quick and cheap to make me happy for the time being.

First step was to recover the chairs. Off I went to Designer Fabrics and found these fabrics…

fabric for DR chairs

So I made picked a fabric and went home to google ‘how to recover a chair’. It was pretty easy to find a decent video and article but there are so many out there or you can have a look at this. I wish I took pictures of the process but I didn’t. The only difficult part was the corners, definitely took a couple tries and I would say this is a 2 person job. The end result was perfect! Very easy DIY!



Next step was to find a side board to hold extra dishes for parties and my wine glasses. I looked on Kijiji and I found one for $75! Deal! When I arrived at the meeting spot, the owner was listing the various details of care and upkeep for the wood, all I could think about is ‘what colour will I paint it?’ My cousin who loves old wood pieces actually had tears in her eyes when I told her I painted it! The colour might have been a bit cooler than I was hoping but it worked with the room.

sideboard before

sideboard after



Accessories on the sideboard are from West Elm, painting is from Urban Barn , pictures on the right are a DIY project and the gold candlesticks are from my grandma: )


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