Antique shopping for our exciting addition


The Christie Antique Show was on this weekend, I was shopping for a very important room in the house….a nursery! We our expecting our 1st baby in September!! We are so excited to meet him and I’m loving every minute of being pregnant.

Christie 2013

Shopping for a nursery started back in 2010 when my mom bought me this dresser that could be used for our nursery one day so it was appropriate to get a few other things for the nursery from my favourite Antique Show! Here are some things I considered buying for the little guy but decided against it…

Antique baby options

Just when I think my day couldn’t be going any better, my friend, Michelle and I ran into Tommy Smythe and Marilyn Denis! I was very excited to see Tommy at the show because Tommy and Sarah are the reason why I started going to the show! They have bought many things from Christie’s over the years. I didn’t get to talk to him much as he was on the move but he did say that this will be the only picture of him with a hot dog, Tommy’s sense of humour always amazes me;)

Tommy & I

I also met up with Jen from Rambling Renovators and a few other bloggers as Jen suggested to meet up if you were going to the show. Since I’m pretty new to the blogging world, it was great to meet Jen and Pam from Cherish Toronto in person! I also met Amy and Kisha, I can’t wait to check out their blogs!

Here are my finds

Christie 2013(2)

3 bar stools for the kitchen (possibly) or our basement bar, need to think about this – $35, Retro Donald Duck comic for the nursery – $10, 3 horseshoes for good luck in the nursery – $2, Honey can for flower arrangements – $10, Twenty grand tobaco tin for the wall unit – $12, ‘Fun’ letters for the nursery – $30, Stelco Steel wooden box for the nursery -$20 (amazing find- both of our dads worked at Stelco and this is where Matt and I met), 3 wire baskets (used to be in the gym locker rooms back in the day) for either the pantry or to hold cleaning supplies in the kitchen cabinet – $40, 2 wooden frames? not sure what these are but they are very cool and I have no idea what I’m doing with them yet – $40

IMG_1470 IMG_1468

Ask Swami napkin holder? haha I loved this, I didn’t buy it but I could see it being on American Restoration. I loved the booth with all of these signs, maybe when we own a cottage I can buy one;)


16 Responses to “Antique shopping for our exciting addition”

    • Sweet Maple

      Thanks so much for stopping by! They are great, eh? My friend wants me to keep the fabric but the colours won’t work, I’m sure they will look just as great in a fun pattern.

  1. Grace @ sense and simplicity

    I found your blog through Jen’s. You got some good finds at Christie’s, but I especially love the Stelco box as it has so much sentimental value for you. I’ve been in the past to Christie’s, but was busy this weekend. Looks like you had a fun time.

    • Sweet Maple

      Thanks Grace! I was so excited when I saw the Stelco box, I was prepared to pay more but when he said $20, I was happy! He said that was the first time he came across a box from Stelco.
      That’s too bad that you couldn’t make it out, hopefully you can in September!

  2. Kisha

    It was lovely to meet you on Saturday! You got some great finds – I particularly like the wire baskets…I had them on my list too!

  3. Pam

    It was great to meet you on Saturday, Laura – I love meeting fellow bloggers. I think my favourite of all your discovered treasures are those stools – what a steal for 30 bucks! Have to admit I also really like those wire baskets, they’ll be great storage.

    • Sweet Maple

      It was nice to meet you in person! Loved the glass bar you picked up:) I can’t wait to get the stools cleaned up and reupholstered – definitely a steal!

  4. Heather @ Interior Groupie

    Some great finds there! I have watned to go to that show for some time but wasn’t able to make it again this year! On an exciting side note – I’m also expecting in September. looking forward to reading more of your blog (just popped over from Rambling Reno’s)

    • Sweet Maple

      I guess we will both be missing the show in September!! Thanks for stopping by and congratulations! Hope your pregnancy is going well!:)

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