Update light fixtures with spray paint

I’m back!! June was a bit crazy, we have been moving everything into our new space and some other things came up but I have a lot to share with you over the next few months starting with this….

Remember these pendants light I bought last September at the Christie Antiques Show?


We refinished them and installed 2 lights above the kitchen island! Here’s how Matt did it: he took apart the light, used a pipe threader stand to cut down and re-thread the pendant rod.

pendant light update 1

photo 2 (2)

Then he used a grinder to smooth out the metal and a flapwheel sander (attached to the drill) to remove paint and rust.

lighting 1 (2)


After he cleaned everything, he spray painted it with Rust-Oleum spay paint, re-wired it (we went to our local lighting store and Home Depot for new parts), put it back together (you will need help with this if you don’t know much about electrical wiring) and installed!

We got to try out the Rust-Oleum comfort grip which was given to me at the Home Depot event in May, it was really easy to use and there was no drips!! I was impressed, I haven’t had the best luck in the past with spray paint.

Pendant light (after)

Now for the entryway light, this light came with the house when we bought it and I really liked it, just not the gold finish so we just needed to paint it!

Unfortunately my before picture isn’t the greatest but you get the idea…


With this light there wasn’t as much involved, we needed a new light socket, wire and spay paint.

photo 1

photo 2

I definitely recommend going to a local lighting store for projects like this, they were able to help us with the light socket and picked out the best light bulb for the lamp. I was really happy with the end result!


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