Pretty Pastels

I love watching movies, especially the ones that are worthy of an Oscar. I am lucky enough to go to the Toronto International Film Festival every year – this past year was questionable because I was 38 weeks pregnant at the time. Luckily, Nathan knew how big of a fan I was and decided to stay put. I was able to attend 2 of the premieres, ’12 Years a Slave’ was one of them – I’m so excited the movie won best picture!!


The movie also won an Oscar for best supporting actress for newcomer Lupita Nyong’o. She was my pick for best dressed, I absolutely loved the colour of her dress. Spring is only 14 days away, you should definitely look to add some pretty pastels into your home or wardrobe!

Lupita pastel

images via 1 / 2

Etsy garland

image via Etsy


images via 1 / 2

painted mason jar

image via Etsy


images via 1 / 2


images via 1 / 2

pottery barn plates

image via Pottery Barn

2 Responses to “Pretty Pastels”

  1. Michelle M

    I’ve been wanting to do those painted mason jars for years in those exact same colours (DIY b-day present? lol). It’s no Chanel print ad but still…


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