Purchases lately…


An ETSY invite for Nathan’s 1st birthday party! Can’t believe I am planning this party already!! EmmyJo did a wonderful job on the invite working with me to customize it (change a few colours and add a few things) for a small fee!


I have been in more than enough situations where my iPhone died. It was time that I bought a portable charger. I went to Best Buy and talked to someone who looked like they knew what they were talking about. She convinced me to buy this portable charge by PNY. I feel much better leaving the house with this in my bag.


I recently discovered Mabel’s Labels. If you are a mom with a kid older than 1, you probably know about this company. I had no idea until a friend pointed me in the direction of labeling… it’s so much fun knowing that your kids cups and clothing are labelled.


I bought a few tickets to the Toronto International Film Festival… Although #TIFF14 is over now, you should go next year. I saw The Theory of Everything, and The Voices. Both were good but I loved the Theory of Everything, this is a must-see film when it comes out in November.



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