One Room Challenge Week 1: My Plans for the Master Bedroom

I’m thrilled to say that I will be participating in the One Room Challenge which is led by Linda from Calling it Home. The idea behind the semi-annual challenge is to transform a room in your home in only 6 weeks!

I first heard about it through Vanessa from Decor Happy. She transformed her builder kitchen in the last ORC and it was very inspiring. She used the same counters as our kitchen but with a suede finish.

Decor Happy

via Decor Happy

The room that I have chosen to transform is our bedroom. I talked about master bedroom inspiration in December but I still haven’t done anything to the room… So it’s about time that I transform this space. Participating in the ORC will keep me accountable as I have to post weekly updates every Thursday.

I can’t pinpoint what the room will look like at the end of the challenge but I do love these bedrooms…


via Sarah Richardson Design


via Victoria Hagan

47 Master Bedroom 2-1

via Sarah Richardson Design

And here is my inspiration board to get me started

Inspiration Week 1

To-Do List:

  1. Upgrade our queen bed to a king
  2. Paint the room
  3. Purchase a rug that actually fits the room and bed.
  4. Reconfigure the room to fit the king bed and 2 nightstands while keeping a makeup vanity and the dresser
  5. Ask my mom to make custom curtains (Don’t worry Mom, I will help!)
  6. Make an upholstered headboard
  7. Refinish 2 nightstands that I bought from a garage sale
  8. Refinish and reupholster a chair for my makeup vanity
  9. Decide on wall decor
  10. Replace the closet doors, ceiling light, and finish whatever else needs to be done to make this room our perfect retreat!

Let’s see the before pictures…





Looking at the pictures it doesn’t even seem like the room I sleep in every night but pictures don’t lie! My drawers on the dresser are even mixed up and I didn’t even notice…that’s pretty bad. I can’t believe we have lived in this room with that IKEA frame above our bed, those pictures aren’t even ours! I’m definitely ready for a change!!

Be sure to check out the other participants in the One Room Challenge: Week 1.


15 Responses to “One Room Challenge Week 1: My Plans for the Master Bedroom”

  1. Vanessa@Decor Happy

    Thanks for the shout out. Glad you are participating. It’s a lot of fun and you will have one sexy room when you are done! Love the Tonic Living floral and the mint and can’t wait to see your DIY headboard. Too funny about your dresser drawers! It’s funny the things we don’t even notice after awhile.

    • Sweet Maple

      Thanks for stopping by
      Vanessa, it has been a lot of fun so far! I am looking forward to tackling the headboard!:)

  2. refresheddesignscanada

    Nice inspiration board Laura! Can’t wait to see what your finished room will look like!

    • Sweet Maple

      For sure! Good luck to you as well, can’t wait to see your transformation. Just think of the beautiful bedrooms we will have in 4 weeks!


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